Drinking with Mobsters

This week’s Cape Gazette featured a story by Rehoboth Foodie Bob Yesbek on the well-known but unknown Russian restaurant called Red Square on Rehoboth Avenue. It’s well-known because it’s been the subject of Russian mob gossip since its opening in 2001. It’s unknown because it’s never very crowded and the prices are high. Quite frankly, nobody I know seems to have ever ventured inside. Well, after the story and a photo of the owners with the caption “Do these people look like mobsters,” I just had to give it a try.

Seems some others did too, as there was a nice little crowd listening to some live jazz music. Owners Tom and Victoria were talking with customers about the story in the paper and the many varieties of vodka behind the bar. Red Square probably has the most eclectic selection of vodkas in town, from just about every European nation. I was intrigued by the Scottish vodka.

So how was it? The martinis were cold and tasty and ran about $10 each. I stuck with some excellent Russian vodka recommended by the head mobster. The pate seemed freezer-burned or something. That said, I did like the ambience, with faux Faberge eggs on the bar and tsarist pictures on the wall. Would I return? I just might, on one of those nights when I’m jonesing for a really good martini. I’m still wondering about that Scottish vodka…


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